Desert rock made in Germany

Lumo Portanto were formed in 2013. Since the first day there weren't any borders to create an independent style of rock music.

Four heads with love for the groovy riffing and authentic flair of their heroes from the seventies. The interaction of the heavy guitar, distorted impulsive bass and thunderous drums lead to a vigorous sound.

A varied fuzzy desert rock by coming together of stomping rhythms and soulful melodies. The powerful and unique female voice stands
over all and enthralls you from the very beginning.


Their individual influences have shown quickly, how different characterized their music is. After the first songwriting process the time was right to eternalize these songs on a cd.


The result is "Light of Humanity" recorded in winter 2014 to 2015.

In January 2019 vocalist Steven has joined the band.

Special thanks to Stepher for 5 great years of rock'n'roll.

In October 2019 Drummer Georg has joined the band.

Special thanks to Joni for more than 5 great years of rock'n'roll.



Vocals - Steven Höppner

Guitar - René Lehnert

Bass - Frank Hilgert

Drums - Georg Nattrodt


Always looking for gigs !!!

For booking and contact: lumoportanto@gmail.com